Zaycon Fresh Farm Direct Meats Pick Up Process

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Zaycon Fresh Farm Direct Meats pick up process semi truck

Zaycon Fresh Farm Direct Meats 90/10 turkey pick up process

Zaycon Fresh Farm Direct Meats pick up process checkout screenshot

Here are the details of my Zaycon Fresh farm direct meats pick-up process. I’m so excited about how easy the whole process is. And the turkey I picked up is fresh and delicious.

This is my first time using and trying Zaycon Fresh, and I’m pleasantly pleased. All you do is register online at a drop-off near you. When you get to the location, just tell them your name, and they put the order in your vehicle.

The great part is you don’t even have to get out of your vehicle. My pick-up location was in a church parking lot, which is common. And since my pick-up location was just a few minutes from my house, I didn’t even need a cooler.

I’m happy that not only is my 90/10 turkey delicious, but it came frozen in perfect packaging and portions for storing in the freezer. I have plenty of meat for the next couple of months.

By cutting out the middleman, you can save between 30-50% on meats. Receive $25 off your first order over $75 with coupon code, ZAYCON20. Who doesn’t love to save money? Use my link to register now!

Watch the YouTube video for more information! If you’re an influencer, I recommend you join their influencer program. They also have a fundraiser program.

I’m thrilled I know about this way to save on groceries. It can get quite expensive purchasing groceries, and I always love saving money. Place your order today!

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