Year of Letting Go

Year of Letting Go

Last year, I did a few posts talking about how it was the year of change. And boy, was it. I felt myself sort of living around this model for most of the year. But the biggest change that needed to happen was me.

This year, I am calling it the year of letting go. Not because that’s what any horoscope or Chinese calendar says, but because I said so. I was scrolling on Instagram one day when I came across a post that said to take a screen shot to see which words you capture. I captured, “The art of letting go.”

Now, some might call this silly, but things like that speak to me. Especially in the time, place, and moment I was in. Like messages from God. And I thought, yes, this will be the year of letting go. Let go of all of the pain. Let go of all the negative memories. Let go of who and the things you hold onto that are setting you back in life.

Towards the ends of last year, I started writing a creative book that I have been mulling over for almost ten years. Growing up, writing was my therapy. I was able to get down all of my thoughts and feelings, as well as have a record of things.

I feel writing my creative book will help me heal, and move on past any hurt and pain I might still be harboring inside. After I started seeing a counselor last year, I was further inspired by her to continue with this love I have for writing, and what I should do with it.

Sometimes the idea of letting go seems so easy, but in the actual process, it is much harder. What’s helping me right now formulate a process is from some of what James Altucher talks about in his book, Choose Yourself.

One of the things Altucher mentions is how he calls some of the people in his life and forgives them. No matter what, he just forgives them. This was also what my counselor said to do. In order to heal, we must forgive those who have hurt or wronged us.

What is something you need to let go of this year?

I’ll be talking a lot more about my book this year as it gets closer to the end. I’m already almost 100 pages in, and designed a cover. I am beyond eager to finish it, as my other goal this year. My book on how to grow your Instagram followers has been put on hold until after I can get this accomplished.

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S. Casey

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