What To Know About Lip Fillers With Lily Med Spa

*My lip fillers were sponsored by Lily Med Spa, but all opinions are my own.*
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Several weeks ago, I tried lip fillers for the first time as a model for a friend. I recently decided I needed a little more symmetry and wanted additional filler. Lily Med Spa offered up their services.

Tama from Lily Med Spa used Volbella on me, unlike the Juvederm Plus from my first session. I didn’t experience as hard of lumps or deep bruising. There was just a slight bruise on my top right lip.

You should stop drinking alcohol a few days before your appointment to avoid major bruising and swelling. It’s also recommended to stop taking aspirins, or vitamins like fish oil. Avoid drinking for a couple of days after fillers, also.

After your injections, pineapple helps to reduce swelling and bruising. Arnica is another option. You’ll want to sleep with your head propped up the first night. Also, avoid doing any major exercising a couple of days after.

Typically it takes a few days even up to two weeks for swelling and bruising to completely go down. If you have lumps in your lips, you can massage them for a few days after your first day. You can also take Benadryl during the first day or two to bring down swelling.

For the first few days after injections, I don’t really go anywhere because my lips look a little funny. If you’re like me, just make sure to schedule your appointment when you have a few days to heal. There technically isn’t down time, but everyone experiences something different.

Lip fillers can last from six to nine months on average. Depending on your metabolism, this time frame can vary. People who train hard might see the product wear off faster.

If you ever decide you don’t like the way your lip filler looks, you can get an injection to dissolve the product with hyaluronidase. Also, for those who want dramatic results, it’s best to get fillers slowly over time. Your lips will look fullest right after injections, but won’t stay that full.

I’d love to know if you have any further questions about lip fillers. I’m happy to answer any of your questions. It’s best to be as informed as possible before injections.

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