What is Don’t Tell Supper Club All About?

*This meal was sponsored, but all opinions are my own.*
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One of the hottest places in Dallas right now is Don’t Tell Supper Club. I bet you’ve been wondering what is Don’t Tell Supper Club all about? I have all of the inside deets.

Don’t Tell Supper Club is the hottest place for live entertainment paired with pleasurable dining. The atmosphere is dark and intimate, and comes alive after dark. You never know what you might see.

The menu is by Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts. Each dish has a fun presentation and full of flavor. Right now, the menu is filled with small plates, but larger entrees are coming soon.

We started with the Smoke Yellowtail Sashimi with grapefruit, jalapeno, cucumber, and avocado puree. I love the flavors together! It lasted about a minute it was so good.

Our next dish was the lamb, which is not on their online menu. It was, also, divine, and arrives on little shanks for eating with your hands. The meat was tender and juicy.

We finished with the Crispy Seared Key West Cobia. The flavors have an Asian flair with fresh and crispy, thinly sliced veggies. The fish was full of flavor.

The cocktails were, also, delicious. We tried A Most Unusual Tea, first, which comes with a smoky glass. It was a surprisingly, refreshing cocktail. The Don’t Tell cocktail has a fantastic twist you must taste to understand.

I was impressed with how quickly each dish arrived. We had just enough time between each dish to enjoy ourselves. I’d say ordering three to four small plates is a good sharing meal.

The service is also pleasant. They were knowledgeable about the menu, and gave great recommendations. I also love their uniforms.

It’s a rather large venue with an upstairs entertainment area, as well. They have a bar up there, and a ceiling they can raise and lower for the trapeze ladies.

I was told that the entertainment varies nightly. We arrived around 7PM and left before 10PM, so the entertainment was mild. If you want to fully experience the place, go after 10PM.

There was a singer on stage when we arrived. He was so good we kept forgetting it wasn’t the radio, but a live singer. A magician performed after the singer, who was quite funny. Another magician, also, came to our table, and I pulled a sword out of his throat.

If you go to Don’t Tell, let me know what you think. It’s a great place to bring friends. I’m definitely planning on visiting again.

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