Vintage Handmade Sweater Look

Vintage handmade white sweater and black pants with kiss lips flats

I received this sweater as a gift from the boyfriend’s grandmother, Grammie, whose mother made it for her. It is such an amazing sweater to have lasted so long and look so perfect still. Grammie keeps all of her belongings in pristine condition. It is just astounding, and it motivates me to take better care of my things. Grammie has given me many beautiful things and such amazing clothing hacks. I’m excited to start sharing some of those secrets with y’all. Who doesn’t want to make their clothing last as many years as possible, so you have more money to spend on other things? I know I do. Anyway, you cannot find the top above anywhere, as it is one of a kind, but my black skinnies are from Nordstrom’s, and my kiss loafers are from H&M. I bought both items over six months ago, so I am uncertain if you can still find them.

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S. Casey


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