Tuesday OOTD Off the Shoulder Look

Tuesday OOTD Off the Shoulder Look

Here is my Tuesday OOTD off the shoulder look. I got my top online several years ago, but I cannot recall from where. My skirt is from Nordstrom. I’m also wearing Jessica Simpson platforms from my mother. The last thing I’m wearing is my Monogram Hub gold necklace. I hope you like this look!

I’ll be talking about my Carapex review of the products I requested next. Keep an eye out for that if you are interested in learning more about the lovely, non-fragrant, super gentle eye creams I’m trying, and the collagen lotion that leaves your legs feeling silky smooth. I’m also going to work on my Wednesday ootd post, and there might not be a Thursday ootd. If you didn’t see my post on Instagram, there is an auction starting tomorrow for baby Brody, if you are interested in donating something other than cash. I’m donating a pair of floral earrings, something vintage, and a one-of-a-kind dress. Go check out all of the wonderful goods @auctionforbabybrody. There is also another woman whose friend started a foundation for her to help her get her dream camera. Her only baby girl was a stillborn, and her story is so heart-wrenching. Pictures are so important, and if anyone can spare an extra camera, it would help go to her or some other family who cannot afford a camera. I’m also donating a camera, and want to help find more supporters. Please consider it. Go see Holly’s Wish.

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey

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