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Before I moved to Dallas a few years ago, I had never heard of Top Golf. I’m also not a huge golfer, but I LOVE mini-golf. Well, Top Golf is such a cool place to go with friends and family whether you know how to golf or not, and it has mini-golf.

Top Golf has huge circles of various colors out in a big field that each represent a different distance and point earning. The holes closest to you are rather small, and they don’t earn as much as some of the farthest out holes. You can play games at Top Golf where you see who can get the best score, the furthest distance, or all of the holes in each round.

Basically, you try to hit a golf ball that will go into each of the huge holes with nets and vacuums that bring the balls back to you and other players. There is also a person that drives around in a caged cart who vacuums up the balls that don’t make into the huge holes, which is quite common, regardless of how wide each hole is. It can get to the point in a game where for fun, someone might even try to see if they can hit the caged cart instead of the balls. I must say I’ve done it on accident, but never actually sat there trying to hit the caged cart. Ok, maybe you shouldn’t try, but you could always say an extra drink for the person who hits the caged cart. Just because it’s bound to happen.

I think the customer service is pretty great. I’ve never really had to wait too long, but on busy nights with events, I’ve experienced worse service than on nights with no special events. The food is not of the highest quality, so I wouldn’t recommend going hungry, but if you are hungry, the food isn’t terrible. You’re also not too far away from a few restaurants, like Mariano’s, if you want to go afterwards.

The boyfriend is a VIP member at Top Golf, which has many perks. Not only did he receive a bunch of cool swag, like a wind-breaker jacket with the name, Top Golf, on it, but he gets access to the VIP area that is more private on busier days. There are plenty of nice outdoor couches to lounge, and a bunch of cool areas with gigantic Jenga and other fun games. Top Golf is a great place for golfers or non, and for fun events, like birthdays and graduations. The mini-golf is about 20 feet away from the other golfing area, so it’s easy to just walk around and keep track of where your guests might be. There is also an area to practice hitting, and they have golf training available for anyone interested.

I do have to say that the prices can add up quickly with more and more games, but the VIP membership will save you money if you plan to go often, and you can have a guest or two. If you go with friends, and family, you can easily split up the cost. It’s definitely something to try if you have never done it before. You’ll actually be surprised with how much fun you’ll have, even if you don’t like golf. Top Golf is definitely something to add to your Dallas to-do list.

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey

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