Today’s Outfit and Gone Girl Spoiler Sort Of

teal top look

TGIF! All of our appliances are back up and working properly, and I can get busy doing laundry all weekend. It’s amazing how much you really miss something when it’s gone! And I have a new dishwasher to try out.

Today I wore my pale blue pants from Stein Mart. I cannot remember where I bought my shoes, but they are booties that dip in the front and have a little bead dangle on the zipper. I’m wearing a teal, short sleeve one-piece from Forever 21. My necklace is also from Forever 21.

I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend! The boyfriend and I are trying some new traditions this year. We’ve decided to start having Christmas once a month on the 25th like a sort of 12 days of Christmas concept. He thought it would be fun because he likes to give presents. And we wanted something to plan on every month since we LOVE Christmas. We won’t keep up Christmas decorations year round or anything, and the real Christmas is still going to be just as epic, because I love giving presents more than I like receiving. And as weird as it might sound, he was sort of inspired by Gone Girl, because he liked how the two main characters had sweet traditions. Obviously we would not be condoning cutting off heads or anything. And I’m not planning my own fake murder. Lol!

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey


  1. This outfit is gorgeous!
    This is such a great initiative, having Christmas once a month! I am thinking of discussing this with my boyfriend too. Fingers crossed that he will go with it! Haha

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