Thinking of Spring in January Outfit


My teal scalloped flats are from Stein Mart two summers ago. I found the peach pants at Body Central last January. My lacy sweater is from Forever 21, which I bought two years ago. The white button up shirt is also from Forever 21. I hope you like this outfit!

I apologize for the delay, y’all. On Friday I had plumbing issues that took all day and is running into today. I’m behind on all of my chores, so I have my work cut out for me when the dryer and dishwasher gets put back together. But the kitchen sink is unclogged, so that’s a relief. Make sure you’re careful what ends up in the disposal. Somehow one of my dish wash cloths went buh-bye.

I’m also in the process of looking for a new place to live. There are a few things on our wishlist the boyfriend and I would like to find in our next rental. We have two dogs, so we would like some type of yard. We would also like updated appliances, and better insulation and window sealing. Now I feel like someone on House Hunters. Our electricity is so expensive, and our landlord stated he will not replace any of the outdated appliances once they fall apart, and they are on the fritz. So it’s time to go. I love looking for new homes and moving to new places. Change is wonderful!

I’ve also made the decision to take off of school this semester since we plan to move. There are many other reasons I’ve decided to wait one more semester. I think I’ll be happier taking my time and finishing when I can be most successful. In the meantime I can focus on my blog and work.

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey


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