Lego Movie Karl Lagerfeld Manicure Tutorial


I was inspired by The Lego Movie Karl Lagerfeld when I created this nail design. Make sure when you do this design you have a good black polish or have a generous amount when drawing. I had issues with it drying and getting stringy. You will need a black, gold glitter, light pink, white, light gray, and clear nail polishes. You will also need a scrap piece of paper, a dotter tool and toothpick.

To make Karl Lagerfeld, you start with the light pink polish on the dotter with the side that has a larger ball. You could paint your whole nail, but I just painted an oval with the dotter. After the pink polish has dried for a few minutes, create an M-shape with the white polish at the top of the oval. Let that dry for a minute, and create light gray lines with the toothpick in the white polish. Use the dotter and make two black dots under the M-shape. Connect the black dots with a line and put two lines at each outer end of the dots. Use the dotter to turn your two black dots into upside down triangles or ovals. My hand slipped, so you get what you get, unless you want to start over. NO! Lastly, make a crooked black line with the toothpick under the black glasses for a mouth.

On each of the other nails you create one large heart on any finger you choose, a CC Chanel symbol, a capital N with a period and a hovering O, a large black heart, and a gold glitter finger. It is easiest to create the CC and N.O finger with a toothpick. I used the large side of the dotter to create the heart. Finish with clear polish.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if you would like to see anything in particular. Have a wonderful day!

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey


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