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On Friday I stopped by Riff Raff Dallas to see what sales they had going on. I am so happy Dallas stays warm for quite a bit longer, because I found the most stunning sandals and pants romper on sale.

I also needed a few other households, and grabbed more of the flash tattoos that are still half-off at Walgreen’s in the As-Seen-On-TV section. They had three different styles of tattoos, and so far I’ve purchased two of them. I plan on using them on my vacation while sunning by a private pool, so stay tuned for pictures on my Instagram.

I’m going on vacation again this week on Thursday for several days, and this time I should have access to WIFI. I’m also taking three courses this semester, which starts on Monday, so I’ll partially be on vacation. I still plan on publishing a blog post or two, but we will see what happens. I always have high hopes to get a lot of work done on vacation, but what’s a vacation without the leisure?

Once I get back from vacation, I’m going to a food sampling event with Zomato. I’ll likely wear my new Riff Raff romper to this event so everyone can officially see it. It was another minor investment for me, but I bought it with the forever justified, it was on sale. It’s a classic piece I plan to wear again and again.

I’ve also been wanting a pair of gladiator heels forever, but I found a classier style at Riff Raff. They’re the perfect height, and look so lovely. Plus, I couldn’t beat the price. You’ll also see plenty of these heels in the future.

I’ll also be doing an article for the Dallas DART transportation system in the next week or two. I plan to have a giveaway for some fun things associated with DART, as well. I’m to create a tour in Dallas accessible with DART. I am beyond excited to see more of Dallas, and to use DART. More details soon.

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey

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