The Real Naija Ladies of Dallas

The Real Naija Ladies of Dallas

In March, I was invited to The Real Naija Ladies of Dallas premiere, but was unable to attend. Although I couldn’t make it to the event, I still want to let y’all know about this neat, new, reality show filmed in Dallas. I’m a fan of what these ladies are doing, and I have an exclusive interview from them to share.


1. Who is the main cast of the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas, and what do they all do for a living?
There are five main cast mates on the show. There is Jennifer Mairo, who is the creator and producer of the show she is a writer and philanthropist, there is Jeri Morris who is Jennifer’s manager and a Life Coach, Latoya who is a software engineer, Jenicoco who is a caterer and Nonye a stylist.

2. Which episode of the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas is your favorite?
Off the top of my head, I cannot think of a favorite because the entire show tells a story that is very educational and each episode ties into the other. However, in episode 5, major conflicts begin to surface and the audience begin to see a side to the cast that they did not see in the first 4 episodes.

3. What is the Pamela Erere Foundation?
The Pamela Erere Foundation (PEF) is a non profit that caters to single moms, divorced women, widows and their children. It was launched about five years ago by Jennifer Mairo and has helped change thousands of lives in Nigeria. The website will tell you more about the work of the PEF.

4. Where can people get involved and help?
You can get involved with the PEF by making a donation on the website. We are doing some amazing things for women and children. Also by following or social media pages and sharing the work that we do. Volunteers can fill out a form on our website as well.

5. How are the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas involved with the community of Dallas? The Real Naija Ladies of Dallas volunteer their time in various charitable organizations in churches and around the city. The most recent was with the PB&J project where we participated in making sandwiches for the less fortunate in the downtown Dallas area. Also by creating awareness for multiple causes around the metroplex, including making donations. We plan do even more in the year 2017 and beyond.

6. Why should people watch the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas?
People should watch the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas because it is fresh, it is different, it is educational and informative, it is first reality show about Nigerians in the United States ( and you know Nigerians bring it). and overall, it is ENTERTAINING. What sets us apart is that we set out to clear the myths about Nigerians and African Americans, and we set to inform doing so.

7. What do the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas hope people take away from the show?
We hope that people can watch the show and respect Nigerians even more, respect immigrants who come to the United States from their home countries and know that not all immigrants are a liability, some of us are an asset to the United States. We hope that people can see that we all have the same struggles and wishes and pain and happiness just like everyone else in the world does.

8. How can people get connected with the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas?
Follow us on social media @realnaijaladies. You can also follow the cast and get connected with them. @jennifermairo @edobeautie @geraldine.morris @faceofslek @nonipumpkin

9. What plans do the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas have for the future?
We plan to continue to touch on life changing topics, we plan to bring on new faces to add spice to the show, we plan to reach out to as many young girls and women the world over and we plan to be the most watch reality series on television.

10. Where and when can people view the Real Naija Ladies of Dallas? Currently, you can watch the show on and We hope to be on Netflix in the next few months. Our African viewers can watch us on OMMAX channel 257 on DSTV and 96 on GOTV. So if you have any friends and family in Africa and Europe tell them they can watch on those channels.

And that concludes my interview. Watch the show preview on YouTube below. I’d love to know who is interested in watching.

These ladies are doing some amazing things for others. I respect women who build up other women, and stand for empowerment. There are a lot of dynamics going on in this show.

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Bye, lovelies!


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