Look One Of A Kind In Mila Hoffman Couture

Mila Hoffman Couture black skulls feather gown on Holland Martin Modelling on stairs

Mila Hoffman Couture Holland Martin model in Halloween skulls dress

Mila Hoffman Couture black skulls gown rear view

Mila Hoffman Couture gowns on teen models

Mila Hoffman Couture purple and black dress close up on female model

Mila Hoffman Couture purple and black Victorian queen dress close up

Mila Hoffman Couture Halloween Skull black feather and skulls necklace

Mila Hoffman Couture Halloween Dresses Orange and Red Tulle and Poison Ivy Dress on models

Behind the scenes with Mila Hoffman Couture Swarovski Jewels red dress on model with long hair

Mila Hoffman Swarovski Jewels Red Dress bodice closeup

Mila Hoffman Swarovski Jewels Red Tulle on long haired model

A few weeks ago, Mila Hoffman Couture brought a bunch of her one-of-a-kind pieces to Camellia Concepts. I’m so excited to share all about. You have to check out all of Mila’s pieces!

I was fortunate to wear one of Mila Hoffman’s gowns. She let me wear the Swarovski Jewels dress. The bodice was quite heavy, yet stunning. You can feel the quality!

At one point, I walked out into the light, and the crystals on the corset created a crystal ball of colors all over the hallway. The Swarovski Jewels dress is so majestic. I felt like a queen with jewels sewed into her bodice.

Rosswood Photography took so many fantastic shots of all of the models. It was lovely working with another talented photographer. Alex Elaine Howe did a beautiful job with my makeup, and Tammy Howe and her sister, Kim, did a fantastic job on my hair. These ladies know hair and beauty from pageants!

Make sure you follow Mila Hoffman Couture on Facebook to get all of the details on her latest pieces. I can’t wait to see what else she creates. You won’t want to miss it! Also follow Camellia Concepts to see more shots of the other models.

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S. Casey

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