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I want to tell y’all about the Kessler Pie Company pies I received recently. They were so kind to deliver their pies to me twice, so far. I cannot make up my mind on which pie is my favorite. They are all so delicious!

The first time they sent me a pie, it was their moonshine-infused, pecan pie. In the second delivery they sent me four Pies in a Jar, a pumpkin pie (La Calabaza), and their savory, Thanksgiving pie. All of the crusts are handmade.

The pumpkin pie is made from fresh pumpkins, and is one of the best pumpkin pies I have ever tasted. The turkey in the Thanksgiving Pie is marinated in white wine, and their gravy is a special, family recipe. So good! I love how all of the pies in a jar come with a cute, plastic spoon, and the jars are reusable.

Each pie comes with a glass, pie pan you can keep or return for $2 off your next purchase. I also love how the Pies in a Jar come in adorable, little jars you can reuse again and again. I love to recycle and upcycle!

Which pie looks best to you?

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Bye, lovelies!


S. Casey


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