Join Teams on Etsy: Day 12


When I first started learning what Etsy was about, one tip I was given was to join teams in order to get more exposure and further help. This sounded like a fantastic idea, so I went ahead and searched through some of the teams on Etsy. You can find teams for specific regions to specific topics.

Today I wanted to focus on the team Upcyclers. Upcyclers are artisans who repurpose existing materials or post consumer waste to create fashion, art or products with a new value, purpose or aesthetic appeal, thereby reducing the consumption of raw materials, energy and resources that must be conserved for the environmental health of the planet.

Their blog is Love 2 Upcycle facebook fan page. There are over 930 members. Check them out and join!

Also head on over to my etsy store, AnotherUse, and check out the 50% off sale going on.

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey


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