jimmyCase Card Cash Phone Case

jimmyCase Card Cash Phone Cases

jimmyCase Card Cash Phone Cases

jimmyCase Card Cash Phone Cases

jimmyCase Card Cash Phone Cases

I just received a jimmyCase Card Cash Phone Case. These are so neat, because there are many times I need to run into a store or gas station, but I don’t always like to bring my wallet or purse. With these cases, you can carry your cards and/or cash on your phone.

Since I have an iPhone 5S, I got the iPhone 5S wallet case in the Pink Bikini White pattern. I love how there is an added wood element. The white part goes perfectly with my white phone, and I like how it looks.

You can find othre iPhone cases with card holders for all of the latest iPhones like, 7 and 7 plus all of the way back to the 5C. The cases can hold up to six cards and cash.

Men will also love these jimmyCase slim leather wallets. The slim fit wallets hold up to six cards and fifteen bills. I know wallets can get so bulky, and really mess with a man’s back, so these are a life-saver.

These cases were even featured in GQ magazine. There are a variety of patterns I think anyone could love. Getting the actual case on was a bit challenging for me for a minute, but it fits perfectly. I like how the case is a rubbery plastic.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and these make a lovely gift for someone in your life. I’m kind of thinking my forgetful boyfriend could really use something simple like this where everything is all together. Plus, his phone will have a little protection when he drops it.

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