#Ilovebread Grain Foods Foundation

#ilovebread Grain Foods Foundation

I was accepted on Bloglovin Activate for the #ilovebread Grain Foods Foundation campaign, and thought y’all might enjoy watching this video. I understand there are people out there who have food and gluten allergies. But there is definitely a lot of misconceptions about different grains and carbs.

The Grain Foods Foundation is working to clear up what people think they know about carbs. If y’all follow me and know anything about me, I am a major food snob. And this food snob doesn’t snub her nose to any breads or grains.

Also, if you know anything about the food pyramid, grains are an essential part of our diets. Head to the Grain Foods Foundation table to learn more about nutritional information and studies conducted by research professionals. Don’t end up one of those people who “read it on the internet.”

Some people think if they eat carbs, they will gain weight, but this is actually not true. If you look at the infographic above, rice and cooked cereals, especially, are an excellent source of slow-releasing carbs. This means you crave food less often.

One of my favorite details about the Grain Foods Foundation website is their meal plans and recipes. I don’t always eat a well-rounded meal, and the meal plans are very healthy. There is so much amazing information available on their website.

So with that in mind, what is your favorite sandwich? I’m a classic, grilled-cheese girl all of the way. Slap some bacon on it, we’re good to go!

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