How To Spruce Up Your Home With Namdar Decor

Namdar Decor diffuser candles horn on table

Namdar Decor gallery warehouse man and woman standing in front of paintings

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Namdar Decor girl sitting next to table with candles horn art

Namdar Decor girl standing in front of paintings

How do you bring your home to that next level of elegance? You furnish it with great items and make it smell amazing with luxury, Namdar Decor candles. It’s all about the aesthetics.

When Namdar Decor reached out to me to check out their warehouse, I was very interested. Not only do I love candles, but I appreciate all things art. If you saw on my Instagram, they also have another brand called, House of Namdar, where they sell art from exclusive artists. But that’s for another blog post.

I was lucky enough to bring home the Namdar Decor, Deep Blue diffuser, which they dubbed, “smells like your ex-boyfriend” fragrance. It sincerely smells like they say. Change the reeds over every six hours, and your room is filled with an intoxicating fragrance you will keep sniffing the air and wondering, what is that?

It was impressive to learn that Namdar Decor has multiple candle lines. One of the motivating factors for why they chose to do candles in the first place is because so many brands out there don’t have a long enough wick. The candle containers are so cute, they can be used long after the wax is gone.

My girl, Kristianna Davied, went along with me to capture the amazing images for this post. We had a blast admiring the talent, and listening to the intriguing story of where Namdar Decor started. It’s amazing how you can turn a hobby into a career.

If you’re interested in more of what Namdar Decor has to offer, you can find their showroom, In-Detail, at the Dallas World Trade Center. I didn’t know this, but not just anyone can go to the Dallas World Trade Center. You have to have a ticket or be a buyer for stores. That’s when you know you’ve created a good brand.

You would never guess that the mastermind behind Namdar Decor is an SMU grad who used to coach soccer. Brad Namdar is passionate about bringing luxury and elegance to every home, and setting the bar high with surprise. His, “will we ever be enough” attitude keeps him striving to be the best of the best.

If you have a favorite candle fragrance, I’d love to know. You never know. It could end up as the next best fragrance from Namdar Decor.

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