How to Prep Your Airbrush Tan With Sharidust

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Sharidust gingerbread spice cake sugar scrub

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I discovered Sharidust through my friend, Nicole, at The Bronzed Beauty. Nicole taught me how to prep your airbrush tan with Sharidust. I’m so in love with their products now.

Sharidust is created with “real” ingredients. The sugar scrubs and shea butters come with glitter dust, “because everyone needs a little glitter in their life.” There are, also, no added chemicals or parabens.

Before you get an airbrush tan, make sure to exfoliate with Sharidust Sugar Scrubs, rubbing towards your heart, and shave. After you get your airbrush tan, you can apply Sharidust Shea Butters with a little glitter dust on the front of your arms and legs. It will help your legs look longer and thinner.

When you’re ready to take your tan off, you use the sugar scrubs, again. Once I get out of the shower, I rub myself with a towel, and the tan comes off from the oils in the scrub. You can then moisture with the shea butter after, unless you’re just about to get another airbrush tan.

If y’all remember, I started suffering from allergies last winter and did for a little while in the spring. I think essential oils have really helped me find some relief. All of the Sharidust products have essential oils, which I’m excited about.

Right now, you can pick up their latest scent, Ginger Bread Spice Cake. It’s perfect for fall, and smells delicious. Let me know what you think if you try their products. They last a long time!

Also, thank you to Eloy Juarez for taking the photos I used in this post. We loved having him at our launch party. I plan to share all about it very soon!

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