How to Get Brand Collaborations Part 2

How to Get Brand Collaborations Part 2

Since I didn’t feel like I explained enough in the first part to this series, I have How to Get Brand Collaborations Part 2. There are many things you can do to get brand collaborations. I’m still learning and somewhat new to collaborations.

One of the first things I want to mention is to make sure you have a strong presence on social medias. When I said in Part 1 that I set a goal to achieve 10K on Instagram, I chose one social media, and tried to master it. It’s really important to have high, quality pictures, and it definitely helps if they all have a theme.

I remember the first time a PR agency contacted me, I was very confused. For some reason, I was leery about whether the email was legitimate. I guess I didn’t think I could get contacted by PR agencies. It’s a really good idea to introduce yourself to PR agencies, also.

Put your email where people can find it. One good place is in your Instagram bio. Another great place to put your email address is on your About page. It’s really important the About page is also well thought out. You want brands to feel like they know you after reading it.

There a several different kinds of brand collaborations. A few include, product exchanges for reviews (paid and non), giveaways, contracts, to name a few. I’m becoming more and more interested in paid contracts. Once I realized I could make a career out of my blog and social medias, I desired payment for all of my work.

Although I love my blog, and I have a lot of work to do, my shining star is my Instagram. Not all people have to have a blog in order to collaborate with brands. You could be Twitter famous, or Facebook famous, and still have a blog. But I know some people get collaborations without having a blog.

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