How to Get Acne Free Skin with Skinkick

Skinkick two step kick blemish relief kit in box closeup

Skinkick two step kick blemish relief kit in box

A few weeks ago, I went to the Indie Beauty Expo and learned about Skinkick. Skinkick is like the natural version of Proactiv. Many people have skin sensitivities to Proactiv, and Skinkick is gentler on your skin. Read on to learn how to get acne free skin with Skinkick.

Some of the ingredients include peppermint extract, sandalwood extract, and coffee seed extract. It’s free of ingredients such as alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, and parabens. Skinkick is for all ages and skin types.

Since I have a million beauty products, my contributor and photographer, Kris, did a testimonial for me. She’s been using Skinkick because she experiences acne and cystic zits on occasion. Read her testimonial below.

“As a model, it’s extremely important that I have clear, smooth skin. Skinkick has become my new favorite natural remedy for acne of all kinds. From pimples to cysts, Skinkick has proven to be an amazing and quick preventative and healing skin care. As someone with sensitive skin, I’m happy to say that Skinkick doesn’t burn or make me itchy. It’s all natural, and easy!

Step 1: Face wash, which I like to use during a nice, hot shower so my pores are open and let Skinkick do its magic. I love the exfoliating cleanser — I can feel it clean out my pores and smooth my skin as I wash my face.

Step 2: The blemish relief cream actively heals my pimples and cysts, and makes my skin tighter! And it doesn’t dry out my skin like most other products. I’ve already recommended Skinkick to several of my friends as the all-natural Proactiv.”

-Kristianna Davied

If you’ve ever tried Skinkick or plan on it, I’d love to know what you think. Leave me a comment below. I think you’ll be happy with what Skinkick can do for you.

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