How to Become a Mermaid at Adventure Scuba Plano

*My certification was sponsored, but all opinions are my own.*

Three ladies in mermaid tails laying on back with tails in the air at Adventure Scuba Plano

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Three women in mermaid tails sitting on the edge of pool at Adventure Scuba in Plano

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Girl in pool wearing goggles and mermaid tail at Adventure Scuba in Plano

I’m super excited to tell y’all about how to become a mermaid at Adventure Scuba in Plano. For my birthday, I decided to attend mermaid school to see what being a mermaid is all about. It was a very eye-opening experience.

You may or may not know this, but there’s a subculture of people who get paid to be professional mermaids. At Adventure Scuba in Plano, you can go through the Mermaid and Siren School certifications to receive your Professional Mermaid Instructors Association (PMIA) certification, and qualify for employment or freelance work.

I’m not sure I’ll go after employment as a mermaid, but I’ve always been obsessed with mermaids. Plus, I love swimming and learning new things! It was one of the coolest experiences.

Before you can start your mermaid certification, you must be able to pass a few, small tests: (A life jacket will be required if you cannot pass the swimming tests.)

1. 25 yard unassisted surface swim – this can be any stroke and it is not timed.
2. 5 second front float (face submerged in the water)
3. 5 second back float

Mermaid School is $99 plus the cost of the tail rental for $15, if you don’t have your own. Siren School is the same price. You can, also, find a Jr. Discover Mermaid Program for ages 6-13, and Discover Mermaid Program for ages 14 and over. Mermaid school is more interactive, where you learn tail tricks, and two hours of training, whereas Discover Mermaid is an hour long.

Other fun options include Mermaid Swim Practice, where you can pay $25 to practice with other mermaids for 2 hours on Thursdays and Sundays. You can, also, have a Mermaid Birthday Party. Lastly, they offer Mermaid Ladies Night.

Let me know if you have ever been to mermaid school or ever plan to. I’d love to know what you think! And I’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

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