How I Overcome As A Blogger/Influencer

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Can y’all believe it’s almost June? Seriously. I think I ask someone that once a month when it’s near over. Time is just flying by so fast. Before time gets away from me, I want to share How I Overcome As A Blogger/Influencer.

Somehow I’m almost thirty, and every day I’m discovering more about myself. There were times over the past several years that I felt like I lost myself and rediscovered me, again. I know who I am deep down inside, but it’s just so easy to become absorbed in those around you.

When I went home to visit my family in April, I realized I need to get back in tune with mindfulness and appreciating the moment. I’ve only tried meditation a few times, but it’s something I’m working on more and more. I’m currently using a meditation app to help quiet my mind.

Every year, I’m finding adulting problems just get bigger and harder. I’m grateful for with that hardship comes great growth. I never want to stop growing and learning.

Oftentimes, I am my own worst enemy and hold myself back from my fullest potential. I find myself scratching my head wondering how others juggle so many things in a day. It’s my choice not to have children, yet, but I definitely feel a need to “step-it-up,” sometimes.

We all put so much pressure on ourselves to achieve more of something. We just don’t always remember to appreciate what we have. The body we live in, the roof over our head, the food and water available to us.

Once I finally graduated from college last year, after putting myself through school for almost a decade, I experienced that lull so many graduates talk about. That moment after graduation where you sort of wonder what you’re going to do with yourself. Yes. Career next. But there is still a lingering feeling of something missing. Like stress…Lol! And all that debt, if you’re like me.

There is nothing wrong with being at different stages, at different times in life. We all blossom at our own pace. I’m forever working on being grateful for what I have, and what I want to achieve.

When I first started blogging, it certainly was only meant to be a sort of hobby. But at this point, it has turned into so much more. I find myself struggling, along with many others, because people don’t want to consider blogging a job or career.

Things are rapidly changing in the influencer/blogger world. Marketing is moving towards social influencers, and with that will require bloggers to demand what they are worth. At first, I wanted to work with most any brand whether they compensated me or not, but I am now learning I need to be picky.

I’ve read a lot from other bloggers about not selling yourself short. If I want blogging/influencing to be considered a career, I need to obtain a reasonable, steady wage from it, which I know I can. If it weren’t for all of my amazing friends and followers, I would not be able to even think of blogging as a career. I’m so grateful for that!

You must create your own reality, and if you truly believe in yourself, I believe you can accomplish anything. Never give up just because your anxiety creeps in and tells you you can’t do it. The only person who matters is you.

There is so much more I have to say about this subject on another occasion, but I want to encourage others to go after what they deserve. Nothing comes easy in life, so don’t forget to keep hustling hard, girl! Does anyone feel me?

I hope y’all enjoyed reading about some of How I Overcome As A Blogger/Influencer. There is so much more I want to write about, and I feel like I could go on forever. I so appreciate all of the love and kindness I have received since blogging. It’s brought me so much joy.

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Bye, lovelies!


S. Casey

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