Sephora Highlighting and Contouring Class

Sephora Highlighting and Contouring Class
While at a Sephora highlighting and contouring class in Southlake at Sephora, I learned a few nifty little tricks that might be useful for others. Since I have a bit of a pinky, rosy skintone, and my face is a little bloated right now, I was struggling with how to apply my makeup. My face is a heart-shape on the lower half, and more of a square-shape on the upper half, so I had to adjust my contouring according to this, as well.

The brushes we used for applying these techniques were also important, since you don’t want to create a “Snicker’s bar” on your face, as the instructor said. The highlighting brush we used was a little pointier at the tip, but I didn’t happen to write down the brush names. The contouring brush was meant for blush, but the skinnier tip is really important when creating a natural look. The finishing brush was a larger and fluffier, and held powder more loosely.

The instructor told us to start with the highlighter in order to see where, if necessary, you will need to apply the dark shade to the hollows of your cheekbones. With the way my face is shaped, I put the highlighter quite close to just under my eyes, and slightly further up my temples, as well as down the tops of my cheeks. I used a shimmery, highlighter with a bronzy swirl in it with the brush that has a skinnier tip.

Since my skin is so pale, I used a color on the hollows of my cheekbones that was on the grayer side from the Anastasia contour kit for lighter skin, but I started with the bronzer, and went in with the darker color on top. I only used the darker color to about two fingers out from my hairline. We were instructed to start at the hair line, and not to go any further than two fingers away from your mouth. You blend out and up from the hairline, in order to build lift, and give a more natural look. I was also advised to do a swipe or two over the ears, as well as down and under the ear with the bronzer when adding to your neck, forehead, and around the temples and jaw. For this technique, I used the brush that was meant for blush.

Lastly, I used the big, fluffy brush for applying a lighter powder to my face to keep down any harshness on my contouring. I like my makeup to look natural, and I was really satisfied with how it turned out. I really was not doing that good of a job before, and now I feel confident with what I am doing.

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