Happy Friday the 13th, Y’all!

Girl stepping over a crack in the sidewalk

I almost completely forgot today is Friday the 13th. I saw Instagram posted something about superstitions and will post on Monday those who have used the hashtag #WHPsuperstition. I was excited when I saw it because I think superstitions are so fascinating. One of my favorites is don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mama’s back. There are so many other superstitions, I cannot wait to see some of the superstitions that are added to the hashtag collection. There are already some awesome posts!

I am feeling better today. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I look forward to sharing what the boyfriend has planned. I hope y’all have a lovely weekend!

S. Casey


    • Thank you very much, Grace! I am feeling a lot better today. I bought the shoes in December 2013 at H&M. Maybe you can find them on eBay. Have a great weekend, too!

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