My University Story

My University Story
I am proud to finally say that I am the first in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. It has been a long, and at times, a grueling process. For most of my college education, I was an online student traveling around the United States, with constant challenges testing my will to get to the end and finish out. Here is a bit of my university story.

I took a few years to travel before I decided to pursue my bachelor’s, and then realized I could still travel and get an education at the same time, but it would take my full dedication. There were times I didn’t even have my own computer or laptop, and would always make it work. I did all of this while working full to part-time, and putting myself through school.

When I started college, I was going to Madison Area Technical College (MATC) in Wisconsin. I did a few semesters at the actual college, and then switched to online in about 2009. After completing all but one course for my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts, I transferred to Western State Colorado University (WSCU) in Gunnison. Initially I intended to transfer into UW-Madison, but I was living in Colorado at the time and heard great things about WSCU. While at WSCU, I was working towards a double major in English Lit and Business Marketing.

After dating someone while attending WSCU, I decided to move to Dallas, and transfer to University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) where I combined both majors into one. In May of 2016, I graduated from UTA with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science through their University Studies program. It took me around seven or eight years to graduate with a degree, between the semesters I took off and what-not, but I persevered and finished something that meant a lot to me.

I didn’t graduate the conventional way, and I didn’t even walk with my graduating class, but it doesn’t matter as long as I finished. Never give up on your dreams and goals, even if they take a little longer than others. School kept me going and opened up so many doors of opportunity. I wouldn’t take back the debt for anything. Well…maybe just a little. 😉

I’ll likely talk more about my college experience in the future. Let me know if there is anything specific I should talk about. As usual, follow me on my other social medias for almost daily updates.

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey

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