Get Insider Tips from Bloggers and Entrepreneurs in Dallas

Get Insider Tips from Bloggers and Entrepreneurs in Dallas notebooks Hustle Hard Girl

On June 22nd, I’m participating in the CR8 The Craft and Citycentral Presents: Influence the City event at 5:30PM-7PM. This is a great way to get insider tips from bloggers and entrepreneurs in Dallas. I always wanted to teach what I know in a cram session. I talk a lot, y’all!

Panelists will talk about monetizing yourself and your business online. We each have our own little tips and tricks. I’m excited to learn more, myself!

We’ll discuss how to get started online, how to work with brands, where we get our revenues, our reasons why, and more. You’ll have a chance to learn from multiple points-of-view and network for long-term connections. You never know what doors you might open.

Connecting with like-minded individuals is definitely one of the key parts of succeeding as a blogger and entrepreneur. My name has been passed on to others many times because of connections I made in person. It’s never a bad idea investing in you!

At 5:30PM, start off with food and beverages sponsored by Kona Grill, which includes, sushi and cocktails. Panel introduction will begin from 6-7PM. We will also have swag bags! The cost of the class is $25.

There is free parking available. No materials are needed. Classes are nonrefundable, but you can transfer them to a friend.

Let me know if you end up attending. I’d love to know your thoughts about everything! This will be my first, panel class.

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