How to Get Brand Collaborations

How to Get Brand Collaborations

When I first started my blog, it was intended as a hobby, and a potential way to get free products. I didn’t think I would be able to get any recognition as a blogger, because there were so many people competing. Now that I know otherwise, I want to share how to get brand collaborations.

On Christmas of 2014, I decided by the end of 2015 I would get to 10K followers on Instagram. I noticed Instagram wasn’t nearly as flooded as Facebook or Twitter. I did a lot of research online about blogging and growing my Instagram account, and reached my goal.

During this time, I received an email about my first, brand collaboration, including an exchange of products for reviews in May of 2015. I was completely ecstatic, and brand new to the concept of collaborating.

When I got my first, brand collaboration, I was only at a thousand or two thousand followers. Many people out there are worried they don’t have enough followers to collaborate. With the new algorithm, it matters more about the amount of likes or comments you get per number of followers. If you have 10,000 followers, and only get a dozen or so likes or a couple comments compared to someone with 1,000 followers, the person with 1,000 followers is on a better path.

With that in mind, I don’t want this to discourage anyone on their potential to collaborate. It’s not always about the amount of followers you have, but it can help. And don’t forget, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

I realized when I first started on Instagram in 2015 that private messages wasn’t used by everyone, and not everyone knew you could send them. When I wanted to collaborate with a brand, I would message them on Instagram, even with a simple, “Would you be interested in collaborating?”

I’ve since then learned about media kits, and how to write a pitch, or sell yourself. Mention the amount of followers you have on your social medias, along with other accomplishments. I would say a quick paragraph or two should be enough to boast yourself.

I did find it can take up to a few hours to a few weeks or months before I get a response. Sometimes they don’t email at all, and it doesn’t hurt to send a follow-up message, if enough time has passed. Say, a few to several weeks.

When sending private messages doesn’t always work, I do email the company directly. I might attach my actual, media kit, on top of my pitch about why I want to work with the brand. I’ll mention why I love their brand, and why I think my audience might enjoy our collaboration.

There is a lot more I could mention on this subject, but I don’t want to ramble on too long. I hope you learned a little something from reading this, and ask me any further questions in the comments below. I would love to answer your questions!

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S. Casey


  1. Hello Stephanie, Thank you for this. I have been wondering how people started collaborating with the brands they love and though I still am… thank you for this post:) I hope we can meet up one of these days:) I am based in Plano and mainly blog about family travel:)

    • I’ll follow up with a part 2 about this subject. I’d also love to meet up, sometime, and chat. Let’s plan on coffee or tea soon!

  2. Hey! This was a great post! It was the perfect follow up to our conversation at the Yellowstone Country Happy Hour. Thank you for writing about it!

    Would definitely be up for meeting up for coffee sometime!

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