February Ulta Beauty Haul

Ulta beauty items

If you saw my Ulta beauty haul post last month, I said I am going to try and do an Ulta and Sephora beauty haul every month. I’m not sure if I am going to continue to do the same store, or just change it up with different beauty hauls each month, but we will see what happens. Let me now if you have a preference. I’m sort of obsessed with Ulta and Sephora right now, so I think I will be purchasing plenty there in the next year.

I have been wanting a stippling brush for a little while now, and decided to buy the Real Techniques stippling brush at Ulta, since I like the eyeliner brush from the same brand, which I received in my Ipsy bag. It’s a decent brush, and I like switching it up between using my fingers or a sponge (although, I usually end up using all three for better coverage). I’m not sure if there are brushes that don’t lose their bristles, but when I was washing the brush, I noticed a lot of the fibers falling out, and there were a few on my face. This always happens with my larger brushes, so if anyone can suggest better brushes that don’t lose their fibers as often, let me know. Fleur Deforce mentioned the Sephora stippling brush is really nice, but she didn’t mention whether or not it loses many fibers.

So I went to Ulta yesterday with the intention of purchasing a makeup remover, and decided to wander around a bit more since I never knew there was a discount aisle. I dug around when I found the discount aisle, and was about to walk away when I saw piles and piles of plushy fabric. Upon closer inspection, I saw they were robes on sale. I had to double take the price, because I was impressed when I saw they were discounted from $60 to $5.97. Not only were the robes on sale for $5.97, but I had a coupon for $3.50 off $10 or more. So, when the above was all said and done, I ended up paying $4.74 for the most plushy robes I have ever felt. I bought the first robe as a gift for my boyfriend, since I didn’t see any size small robes (and knew I would borrow the robe anyway). But after I got back home, I decided I wanted to go back and get more robes for gifts before they were gone. I was so excited because I don’t find many deals that are that good. So far I have given away three robes, and I plan on getting more. The coupon for $3.50 off ends on the 14th. So get to your local Ulta and see if you have these robes on sale near you.

I also bought Rimmel London lippies on a whim. There was a sale on Rimmel London products, buy one, get one 50% off. I didn’t need them, but I was curious how they work, since I have not tried many Rimmel London products. I really love the Lasting Finish Kate Moss collection color I bought in 08. I bought a nude color in 113, but I am not certain if I like it alone, although I do like it under the 08 as a base. The finish is more on the matte side, which I like, or will add a gloss on top for shine. The packaging is adorable.

I also bought the Provocalips because they are cute, and I don’t own any long-wear lip products. I was bummed when I got home because the nude Provocalips was open and leaked everywhere in my bag, but I am thankful I just bought a cosmetics organizer, because if you leave it standing up you won’t have that issue. I tried shutting the product tight and holding it upside down, but the color still seems to seep out just the slightest bit, which is gradually wasteful. I like the formula, and it really does stay on your lips well, but I have not timed it yet to see how long. I will be sure to follow up about this product in a later blog post. I have not opened the pink Provocalips, because I do not want it to leak everywhere.

The last two products I bought this month is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and the Color Elixer gloss. I wrote an earlier blog post about these items, which I am loving right now. Be sure to look through some of my prior posts to find more beauty loves.

I know this is a long post. If you made it to the end, good for you! I don’t normally write this much, and I might need to start making YouTube videos for these hauls. I haven’t decided what I want to do yet. Let me know if you would like to see a video versus a blog post about my beauty hauls.

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