February 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag Review

February 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag

Yesterday I got my February 2015 Ipsy Glam Bag. I was so excited to receive this months delivery, because the bag is super cute, and I really wanted a rose gold makeup brush. The brush is so much prettier in person. I really don’t have any complaints about the items I received.

The Cargo cosmetics lip gloss is a beautiful light pink. I like the formula, because it is a little stickier, and seems to stay put for a long time. The size of the sample is great, and will last me a long time.

The ModelCo blush is a gorgeous deep peachy pink with a beautiful highlighting shimmer. I’m definitely going to use this color a lot, especially on cold days. The sample is basically full-size, and I can’t complain.

The Eva NYC Up All Night volumizing spray is a great sample size and smells amazing. I would use the products just because it smells nice. It doesn’t leave any type of sticky residue or anything on your hands when you run them through your hair after applying the product. After it dried, I definitely felt some major lift, so this might just be the next item I purchase once the sample is gone. I am crazy about voluminous hair!

The Pencil Me in Cosmetics pencil is so cool, because it comes with a sharpener on the lid. I think that is just genius! I have never seen something like it before, and I need it because I am so bad at keeping my pencils sharp, since the sharpener wanders off from time to time. I never forget to put the lid back on my pencils, so I might also need to buy these pencils in every color. I do have one complaint, and that is since I have been an Ipsy member back in September 2014, I have received two purple eyeliners, and they really aren’t my favorite colors. I do use them, so it’s not a waste to me, I would just like a few other colors like brown or gray.

The Luxie Beauty large angled face brush is gorgeous, like I said. Nice brushes are not cheap, and this one is so pretty. The bristles are super soft, and I don’t have any complaints about the bristles falling out yet. I would definitely consider purchasing the rest of the brushes that go in this set.

I also want to mention something about the Ipsy bags. I have only liked the size of two of my Ipsy bags as far as personal use, but I love giving the bags away as presents. Each pattern every month is so pretty, I just can’t use all of the bags because they are not large enough for the makeup I carry around in my purse. My favorite bag so far is the one from September 2014, because of the bag shape, I can fit a lot more cosmetics in it. I like how it zips at the top and not on the side like this month’s bag. I really liked last month’s bag, as well, because the zipper was on top. Does anyone else feel the same way?!

Let me know if you are an Ipsy member, or what you think about these items. I included my referral link above, so if you sign up, you can show you were referred by me. I’d love to see if anyone uses it. Let me know! Also, don’t forget about entering my giveaway for 2000 Instagram followers. I will reveal the prizes on my Instagram account over the next couple of weeks. Find me @dallastrends.


S. Casey


  1. That brush looks amazing! I wish I had gotten it in my bag this month. Though I’m wearing the blush today and it seems like it’ll be a really nice one for the summer [=

    • I definitely think Ipsy is worth it if you like to explore different types of makeup. I love the surprise of the products each month, I just wish the makeup bags were bigger.

    • They made me wait a week, and then I sent an email stating I would like my bag because I did all of the promotional stuff and paid. I’m not sure if I told you about this tip, but make sure you get your bag. I will definitely swatch items, since you said something! Thank you!

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