Enjoy A Romantic Dinner At Toulouse Legacy West Plano

*My dinner was hosted but all opinions are my own.*

Toulouse Plano Legacy West old fashioned

Toulouse Plano Legacy West Creme Brulee

Toulouse Plano Legacy West private room

Toulouse Plano Legacy West inside dining area

Toulouse Plano Legacy West chocolate souffle with chocolate sauce next to creme brulee

Toulouse Plano Legacy West outside dining table and chairs

Toulouse Plano Legacy West King Crab A Gnolotti

Toulouse Plano Legacy West oysters Rockefeller next to steak frites and Miraval rose

Toulouse Plano Legacy West Oysters Rockefeller

Toulouse Plano Legacy West Ahi Tuna Tartare

Toulouse Plano Legacy West menu

Early last month, I was invited to try Toulouse at Legacy West in Plano. I was so pleased with the food and service. Y’all will want to try Toulouse ASAP.

We decided to sit out on their patio to get better lighting for photos. There’s a glass window that goes a little over halfway up to the ceiling. It’s great for blocking too much wind but you still feel a nice breeze.

The indoor dining is cute with cozy booths and moody lighting. They have a private room which I found to be so adorable with all of the mirrors and light fixtures. Their location in Plano is a little more upscale than their other locations.

I started off with Miraval Rose paired with Oysters Rockefeller and Ahi Tuna Tartare. For the main course, we ordered King A Gnolloti and Steak Frites. I could go back just for the frites alone. We finished with Chocolate Souffle and Creme Brulee for dessert.

The food is impressive. Everything is perfectly proportioned we were able to eat it all. French food is always one of my favorite foods to eat. Toulouse is a romantic restaurant perfect for date night.

I’m always a big fan of plate presentation. All of the food was delivered in an elegant fashion. I don’t go to as many fancy restaurants, and they even put your napkin in your lap for you.

If you’ve been to Toulouse, I’d love to know your favorite items on the menu. I’ll most definitely check them out when I return. Plano is not their only location, so make sure to stop in sometime.

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Bye, lovelies!


S. Casey

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