Clearly Chic Deluxe Cosmetic Organizer Set

Clearly Chic clear makeup organizer on a table

beauty products in plastic organizer from Home Goods

Here is the information on my Clearly Chic Deluxe Cosmetic Organizer Set. On Saturday, I went to Home Goods for the second time. I am obsessed with that store! I scored this cosmetics organizer by Clearly Chic for about $20, and a hamper for under $20. There were so many types of hampers. It was fun! The boyfriend and I went back and forth for a good ten minutes over size, pattern and convenience. We really do over-analyze everything!

You get two pieces to the cosmetic organizer set. I can fit so much makeup into them, and they look adorable anywhere in my house. I recently decided to move them onto my white desks where I do a lot of my blog work. I prefer to do my makeup in natural light, and I don’t have any in my bathrooms.

Today has been a busy day. The boyfriend and I went to pick up his truck with the replaced tires after they were stolen, and the insurance company put 17-inch tires on when it should’ve been 20 inches. His truck looked really funny and we have to wait until tomorrow to pick it up. It’s been such a hassle and almost a thousand dollars after the deductible. It’s really sad all of the hassle because of the greed of others. If anyone out there has expensive tires, keep your cars locked up or insure them. It will probably be worth it if you live in a city.

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Hope y’all had a great day!

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey


  1. I am still shocked that someone would steal the tires off of a truck. That is terrible!
    These organizers are really pretty though, the products look amazing in them.

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