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Choctaw Casino Resort Durant Blue Moon Cafe Western Omelette

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant Spa Tower

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant Spa Tower Bed Dallas Trends

Choctaw Casino Resort Spa Tower Room

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant Dallas Trends Adult Pool Area

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant Adult Pool Area Dallas Trends

Choctaw Casino Resort Dallas Trends Pool Area Dices Cup

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant The Spa Co Ed Pool

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant Spa Pool

Choctaw Casino Resort Durant Dallas Trends Million Dollar Summer

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up next month. One of his favorite places to visit is Choctaw Casino Resort in Durant, OK. I was fortunate enough to get a press stay for a night, along with two, one-hour massages, and two, meal passes as part of an early, birthday gift. We haven’t been to Choctaw since their most recent updates and additions.

On Monday, we stayed the night in the new, Spa Tower on the 14th floor. The beds are comfy and roomy. I like the huge, sliding door that blocks the bathroom from the rest of the room. I also love their big showers. They have beautiful lighting for makeup application, and taking selfies. However, I did not think to take a selfie until now…The bedrooms have a floor-to-ceiling window, and the curtains do a great job keeping out the light.

I’m not fond of gambling, but Carter enjoys it and tends to be very good. I like to spend time in the spa, or veg out in the hotel room. This time I went to see their adult, pool area where I spent a little time on Monday. I also lounged in the spa before my massage on Tuesday.

The adult, pool area is well-designed. It made me feel like I was in some tropical place far from the city. During the weekdays, it feels like a private oasis. My bartender was super friendly, and I got a cool, dice cup.

Because Carter was too involved with gambling, he wasn’t feeling patient enough to get a massage, so I had a 90-minute massage. I like how they have a co-ed area with a beautiful whirlpool, and lounging chairs. There’s a waterfall above the whirlpool you can turn on or off. Men and women also have their own private, lounge areas.

For dinner, we ate at 1832 Steakhouse. I ordered the lobster bisque, which I enjoyed, and Carter ordered the lamb, which he also enjoyed. For breakfast, we ate at the Blue Moon Cafe. Carter ordered the eggs benedict, and I ordered the western omelette. My omelette had tasty, fresh veggies.

Somehow I left my cell-phone charger at home, so I had to charge my phone in the poker room. It wasn’t too big of a deal, since they were kind enough to let me use the chargers. There was a good chunk of time I was not aware of that detail, and spent a long time wandering around looking for my boyfriend. He was in the poker room, but I forgot to check there.

Before we left on Tuesday, I ended up playing a few slot machines with my boyfriend. It was fun checking out all of the different machines. The 3D effect is pretty awesome, along with the chairs that vibrate with the game sounds.

Choctaw Casino doesn’t comp for alcoholic beverages, which is nice, so you’re not surrounded by a bunch of drunk people. They do have free, soft drinks, and allow smoking. Everything was clean, and we saw people dusting before we left.

Choctaw Casino is only a little over an hour away from my house in Plano. It’s an easy way to take a quick vacation outside of the Dallas area for a night or a weekend. There is so much to do at Choctaw, including laser tag, bowling, and movies. You’ll find plenty to do.

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