Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar

*This was a sponsored, media dinner, but all opinions are my own.*

Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar deviled eggs

Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar ivy room

Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar jazz band

Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar charcuterie

Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar steak burger and fries

Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar pizza

Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar tacos

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to Chelsea Corner Restaurant and Bar for a media dinner. Chelsea Corner has been around since the early 70’s, and is one of those places where you make lasting memories. They are under new ownership, and I really think it’s worth checking out.

Before Chelsea Corner, it was known as Corner Bar. The new owners, Len Critcher and Chris Camillo, told us some great stories about the history of Chelsea, and how they both used to work at Chelsea Corner in college. They have a bright energy, and some fun things lined up.

There is plenty of private space for any kind of party. They recently opened a patio area with lots of tree coverage where you can bring your dogs. My favorite room in the restaurant is the one with all of the natural vines. On different nights of the week, you can hear live music. We were there on La La Land Jazz Night.

I really enjoyed the food at Chelsea Corner. We started with some cheese, meats, and toasts, which were delicious. I also loved the deviled eggs. The pizza was pretty tasty, although I forgot to taste the meat lover’s side. The tacos were also good, and I enjoyed the three sauce options. We also tried the steak sandwich and fries, which was great, especially the fries. Lastly, we tried the chocolate chip cookie. It was chewy and scrumptious.

The bathrooms are individual stalls that have a cool design, with a little sink in each stall. They were rather clean and tidy. The parking is a little limited, and you’ll likely end up valeting your vehicle. It can also get a little noisy, depending on where you sit in the restaurant. You can definitely find quieter places to sit, if that’s a concern.

Who has been to Chelsea Corner? I would love to know if any of you have a story you would like to share about yourself or someone you know who has made lasting memories there. If you haven’t been, let me know if you stop in.

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S. Casey

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