Celebrate Mother’s Day With Ballet Dallas

Ballet Dallas female dancers posed with arms above male dancer bent over touching the ground

Ballet Dallas female dancers posed in a triangle pose with arms facing center

Ballet Dance male dancer holding up female dancer with female dancer standing next to him

Ballet Dallas rehearsal male and female dancers posed together

Ballet Dance female and male dancers circled around male dancer holding up female dancer in the air

I was honored to get an invitation to watch Ballet Dallas on Thursday for one of their performance rehearsals. They are a talented group of professional dancers formerly known as Contemporary Ballet Dallas. You’ll genuinely love watching them perform.

Ballet Dallas is performing four world premieres they have been creating in the studio over the past few months. There’s also a pas de deux restaged by Kevin Jenkins, and a guest performance with Albert Drake. One of their new works, created by Carter Alexander, will be accompanied by live musicians to an original score based on two Samuel Becket poems.

You can see Ballet Dallas perform at the Latino Cultural Center on May 17/18 at 8PM. This is the perfect place to take your mother or special lady in your life for Mother’s Day. Tickets run between $17-$35. It’s their season finale, so make sure to catch it.

Who has seen a performance from Ballet Dallas? These professional dancers are so skilled and poised. Plus, they are extremely kind and supportive of one another. It pleased me to listen to so much laughter and humor.

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S. Casey

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