Can You Rob The Bank Game Room Night

Can You Rob The Bank Wild West wall girl in cowboy hat

Can You Rob The Bank wall of locks

Can You Rob The Bank lady trying hats on

Can You Rob The Bank Wild West wall gamers in costume

Can You Rob The Bank guests in front of brick wall

Can You Rob The Bank behind the scenes computer monitors

I had a blast hosting an event at Can You Rob the Bank a little over a week ago. If you didn’t know, Can You Rob the Bank includes themed escape rooms with mind-bending challenges, and all sorts of locks I’ve never seen before. For people who love challenges, this game is for you.

My group decided to do the 1930s Gangster Bank Heist. The other group chose to do the Wild West Bank Robbery. Another option is a Superhero Bank Escape.

The 1930s Gangster Bank Heist is their hardest escape room. You typically get three clues from the game master, but we needed a lot more help. We thought we were so close to escaping when we were down to one minute left out of an hour. We didn’t escape.

It never disappoints me when I don’t escape one of these rooms because there is so much thought put into them. Even with nine people, we still struggled. I’m always fascinated by the setup of every room.

You can find this escape room down at Mockingbird and Greenville. It’s hard to miss the sign. And parking is pretty good. I can’t wait to go back and try their other rooms.

If you’ve ever tried an escape room before, I’d love to know what you think. I’d especially like to know if you’ve ever tried this particular room. It was so fun dressing up and playing the part.

These escape rooms are great for team building. They offer weekday availability for corporate and team building events. It’s essential everyone works together to get out.

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