Boho Minnetonka Glam Look

Boho look

Here I am wearing my knee high Minnetonka’s (which are for sale on my IG, btw! Size 8), black leggings from Forever 21, a tan asymmetrical fringe cardigan from Body Central, and tan scoop neck blouse from SteinMart. I believe my necklace is from Delia’s. I cannot remember because it is a few years old. I hope you like this boho Minnetonka glam look.

I will be posting an article tomorrow about how I reached 2,000 Instagram followers. This might be useful to some, as it was a topic I researched when I started becoming interested in growing my IG audience. I am sure there are many ways to reach 2,000 or more followers, but I want to share what I did to increase my followers. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! If you haven’t seen my updates on my YouTube channel, I plan on merging my fashion and jewelry blogs very soon. I want to change over to WordPress and have my own domain name. My blog name will likely change, as well. I would like to bring everything to one place, instead of spreading myself too thin. It can be difficult keeping track of so many things, as I am sure many of you understand.

Also, if you didn’t see my post about the tie giveaway, head over to Tie Cargo and use the coupon code “tiezero” to receive a free name-brand tie.

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey


    • I would love to post a follow up of this outfit with more angles. Thanks for the idea! I am also selling the boots because they are a little large on me. I am short, so I think they look a bit funny from the side.

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