Anna Maria Island Florida

Anna Maria Island Florida

Girl standing on house balcony overlooking a beach on Anna Maria Island

Rod & Reel Pier Anna Maria Island

Sunset over beach on Anna Maria Island

Girl walking on the beach on Anna Maria Island in pink bikini top and black shorts with cup in hand

mussels in a pot with bread and lemons on Anna Maria Island at the Waterfront Restaurant

Girl standing in front of a mural in Ybor City

I just returned from my second visit to Anna Maria Island Florida, and it was just as lovely, if not more lovely than the last time we visited. The weather was fantastic with just a few sprinkles seen here and there. We were in a house a little further back from the beach this time, but we had a breathtaking view from our room. I’ve compiled a list below of basically all of the things I have tried in both combined trips to Anna Maria Island. If I forget anything, I will try to update as I remember.

1. Rod & Reel Pier Restaurant: Anything on the menu is a must try!
2. Waterfront: Lovely mussels presentation!
3. The Sandbar: Our favorite family restaurant for casual and all-around-good dining!
4. Ginny’s and Jane E’s: The creme brulee french toast is divine!
5. Eat Here: Love the Better Bruschetta!
6. Maria’s Family Place: Yummy, hidden-gem, breakfast place!
7. Blue Marlin: Live bands at dinner, and tasty steamed clams!
8. Poppo’s Taqueria: Fresh handmade tortillas!
9. Duffy’s Tavern (no fries): Entertaining environment for a beer and delicious burger or brat!
10. City Pier Restaurant: Delicious steamer pots, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a little storm to spice up dinner!
11. Hometown Desserts: Best key lime and coconut cake EVER!
12. J. Burns Pizza: Chicken club pizza is spectacular!

1. Egret’s Nest: Mermaid gems and Spartina 449 treasures!
2. Island Bazaar: The beachwear and t-shirt selection is great here!
3. Island Trader: Loved the pool, blow-up toy selection!
4. The Sandbar Gift Shop: The Sandbar is a place everyone must try on AMI, and take something home!
5. Ginny’s and Jane E’s Gift Shop: Many eclectic, local-made goods and mermaid gems!
6. Bridge Street Bazaar: Just about any souveneir you can think of is here!
7. Maria’s Family Place: Local-made, spa-experience, body scrub!

1. Search for sea life at Rod and Reel Pier or City Pier (manatees)
2. Search for sea shells
3. Search for live star fish
4. Swim in the ocean or pool
5. Fireworks
6. 4th of July Parade
7. Sunbathe on floaties
8. Read a book on the beach
9. Grill out
10. The Fish Hole Miniature Golf
11. Walk the beach before 8AM
12. Veuve Clicquot, Moet, Chandon, and cheese at sunset
13. Go out to breakfast at a local place at least once
14. Go out to lunch at a local place at least once
15. And…go out to dinner at a local place at least once
16. Watch the sun disappear behind the ocean
17. Read the local paper
18. Write in a guest book
19. Play a family game (Mexican dominoes)
20. Play a drinking game (beer pong)
21. Get lost
22. Take the Skyway Bridge

I hope you enjoyed this list about what to do on Anna Maria Island in Florida. See my other social medias for more pictures from my trip. As usual, don’t forget to follow us on our other social medias for daily updates. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for weekly updates.

Bye, lovelies!

S. Casey

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