Advertise on my blog: Day 11

Hi dearies!

Love this blog and believe in its potential? Advertise on my blog and share the love. I’m offering advertisement for just $5 a month! That’s so affordable, how could you say no?

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At this time, I have 41 followers, a facebook fan page, twitter, an etsy shop, flickr, deviantart, and pinterest page. I’m also a member of 15 teams on Etsy where I promote my blog. You can also find me on Etsypreneur. 

Romantic flower earrings

Ad sizes should be 150×150 px. Can be in jpg, png, or gif format. If interested, leave a message on my blog or email me at Payments made via paypal to, or if necessary, we can set something else up. 

Dangly flirty flower earrings

Thanks everyone!


S. Casey


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