About Me

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Hi! My name is Stephanie Casey. Currently, I live in the Plano with my boyfriend and our zoo of animals. I’ve lived in many places around the United States, but I am originally from Wisconsin. I’m the oldest of four children.

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You can also find me on Etsy at AnotherUse. I’ve been creating jewelry since I was a young girl, and even sold many of my first pieces on Etsy. Now you can find vintage items at my Etsy store. I’ve created stores for other people, and also sold thousands of dollars in items on eBay.

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I just finished studying and putting myself through school at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), and I also attended Western State Colorado University in Gunnison for a few years. I was majoring in Business and English, but graduated with a Science degree at UTA in 2016. I will be the first in my family to receive a Bachelor’s Degree, and it is something I’m quite proud of.

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I’ve moved over two dozen times in my life (many of those when I was a child), so you could say I love change. I’m basically a professional mover at this point. Some of the other places I lived as an adult are Pagosa Springs in Colorado, along with Driggs and Victor in Idaho when I worked at the Grand Targhee Resort on the other side of Jackson Hole, WY. I’ve also traveled to places like New York City, Anna Maria Island, Isle Royale, and many more, but I have never been across seas, or into any other country aside from Canada (yet).

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I always had an interest in fashion, writing, and photography, so I am excited to have a place to bring it all together. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and look forward to learning, and teaching what I learn. Having so much support brings great joy and happiness into my life! Thank you, lovelies!

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I also love to read, draw, and create things. One of my specialties is destroying something or taking something old, and creating something new and beautiful. A few of my favorite outdoor activities include, swimming, fishing, hiking, camping, and snowboarding (but I haven’t done all of it in a long time). I love things like skydiving and roller-coasters.

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I once worked as a parachute packer; a maintenance worker where my job consisted of mainly outdoor activities in the middle of winter; an activity coordinator for kids at a summer RV resort; a vet tech aid for one of the only vets invited to the World Equestrian games; a barista; a prep cook for a chef who was featured in Bon Appetit Magazine, and many more occupations while traveling.

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My goal is to be known as a source of what’s new or trendy. I also love to talk about classics. I love being able to recommend things to people, and knowing what’s trendy or up-and-coming. I also love knowing the best-of-the-best. I’ve been in the process of solidifying my brand, so thank you for transitioning with me.

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I started my WordPress blog in March of 2015. I began on Blogger with a jewelry blog back in about 2010, and forgot about it for a few years, and started back in with a fashion blog in mid-2014. If you’re wondering what worked better for me, it’s been WordPress, as far as SEO, but I’ve received less comments. This might have to do with the fact I’ve changed my name several times since rebranding.

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If you know me, I mentioned several times on my social medias and blog that I set a goal for myself on Christmas of 2014, that by Christmas of 2015, I would reach 10K followers on my Instagram account. I was successful in reaching that goal thanks to all of my wonderful friends, family, and fans. Not only did I reach that goal in 2015, but I also faced my ultimate fear of public speaking on the show, Good Morning, Texas.

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I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me. From time to time you might find this page updated with more details. I’m excited to share my journey. Thank you for reading, and please feel free to share your stories, or any other hot and trendy things you know about Dallas (and even the world)!

Bye, lovelies!