29 Lessons Before Turning 30

29 Lessons Before Turning 30

It’s just a few days before my 29th birthday, and I want to share with y’all some of the things I learned up until this point. Here are 29 Lessons Before Turning 30. I know that some of you might know the words, “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger,” by Rod Stewart. Well here is what I think is important to know.

29 Lessons Before Turning 30

1. Don’t give up on what drives you in life.
2. Family is everything.
3. Age is just a number.
4. Find a person you consider a life coach.
5. Give at every opportunity that presents itself to you. Pocket change is OK to give.
6. People you didn’t think would like you, might like you one day.
7. College opens many doors.
8. Try to be as unbiased as possible.
9. Taking time off is OK!
10. Never look back and compare yourself to who and what you expect of yourself now. Be the best you!
11. Believe in something.
12. Be humble. No matter how old or young the person next to you, let them teach you something.
13. You know yourself best. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.
15. If you take a risk and fail, you only have up from there, and you always learn a lesson.
16. People will ask you to define yourself and you will not always have the answer. Just say your name again.
17. Get to know your neighbors. It’s a mutualism relationship.
18. You are not as smart or wise as you think you are.
19. Step outside of your comfort zone. Not the same as doing something that scares you, like spiders.
20. Question everything.
21. Do something that scares you.
22. Success is not defined by money, power, job, or anything else that we rate in the world.
23. You will outgrow the phase of life you are currently in. This does not mean you have a personality change.
24. At some point you will be attempted to change for another. DO NOT DO IT!
25. When someone close to you sees a pattern in your life you do not, reconsider what they are saying.
26. Change is the only constant.
27. Hugs are really important for everyone and anyone.
28. Life will always amaze you.
29. Always look at every detail around you and do not take it as nothing.

The photo above is my high school senior picture from 2006. I laugh when I look at it because I was overly-determined, lost forever in the tiny, city of Janesville, and over an hour late for my appointment. Somehow I pulled it together and managed to put on a face that looks rather calm and collected.

Some will say that with age things get easier. I think in a way, yes this is true, but we also find every day challenging with what lies ahead. Age brings the passing of those around you, and that is one of the most difficult things any of us can go through. Love as much as you can!

Bye, lovelies!


S. Casey

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