10 Things To Do In Janesville Wisconsin


In the past year or so, I got to know the city of Janesville, Wisconsin a little better. Janesville has a unique history, and every time I leave and return, I appreciate it even more. I can’t wait to discover more of what it has to offer.

I grew up within 30 minutes of Janesville. My family moved to Janesville several years ago, and have been there ever since. It was only last year when I lived with my sister for two months that I was finally able to explore more of the city. I’m so grateful for the opportunity.

Janesville is growing and developing every day. After the GM plant shut down several years ago, things thinned out for awhile in the area. But now there are said to be new, major plants or warehouses opening in Janesville.

I can’t wait to see what Janesville becomes in the next few years. It’s likely I will create another blog post with new things to do in the area, soon again. As long as my family lives there, I’ll be heading back for sure.

Here are my 10 Things To Do In Janesville Wisconsin. These are not listed from most to least favorite. And there are many more things than this to do in Janesville.

1. GR’s panini
2. Rotary Botanical Gardens
3. Downtown river walk
4. Mocha Moments
5. Voight
6. Janesville Mall
7. Green Belt trails
8. Frostie Freeze
9. Janesville Schools Outdoor Lab
10. Devil’s Staircase

Although I have not actually been to #7, #9, and #10 on my list, I know they are highly liked places in Janesville. I’m sure there are many more hidden treasures, but I’m still discovering. When I lived near Janesville growing up, I always complained about the area. But you can find things to appreciate anywhere.

Some of the houses in Janesville have a unique, Victorian structure waiting for someone to remodel them. If you adore Jenna Kutcher’s home in Fort Atkinson, WI, you’ll love the homes in Janesville. You can find so much charm.

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Bye, lovelies!


S. Casey

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